What is Dry Cleaning ?

Dry CleaningHow the Process Works

When you bring your clothing and household items to The Cleaners, you can be sure that your items will be handled professionally from start to finish. The dry cleaning process begins with meticulous inspection. We carefully look over each section of the fabric in order to find the areas that will need the most pre-treatment added to them before they are placed in our industrial sized machines. Once inside our powerful dry cleaning machines, we use an eco-friendly, non-water solvent which binds to dirt, grease and other unwanted particles in order to safely remove them from the garment without harming the quality of your items.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Choosing the dry cleaners over conventional methods of washing your items, can preserve the lifespan of your purchases as well as be helpful in many other ways. Here are some benefits:

  • Restores items as close to their original condition as possible
  • Prevents shrinkage, loss of color, shape, texture or detailing (beading, sequins etc.)
  • Expert care for cleaning, shoe repair, alterations etc.
  • Professional finishing with wrinkle free pressing

Why Choose Our Dry Cleaners in El Paso

Our dry cleaners makes it possible for your items to last longer and be deeply cleaned at the microscopic level. It’s important to take care of your expensive clothing or household items including drapery, bedding and kitchen linens if you want to maintain their condition year after year. The Cleaners has multiple facilities across the city to make it easy for our customers to pick up and drop off their items. Contact us today!