Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation

Your Special Day Deserves Wedding Dress Preservation

Picking out the perfect wedding dress typically consists of countless appointments where you stand in front of the mirror and decide on the perfect gown to spend your special day in. Brides choose to preserve their wedding dresses for different reasons. Some have a sentimental attachment to it, others would like to hand down their dress as a family heirloom, and others decide they want to sell their dress for the highest price.

Every Dress Is Handled with Detailed Care

Here at The Cleaners, we are professionals at wedding dress preservation in El Paso, TX. When you hand over your expensive and dearly cherished gown, we fully understand the attachment and concern you have for its preservation. Taking this into consideration, we pay attention to the detailing of the wedding gown, the fabrics used, as well as the way in which your dress was constructed. Depending on the materials, embellishments and various stains, we can formulate a specialized cleaning process that will gently, yet effectively remove any stains, leaving beading and other sewn attachments intact.

We Take Stain Removal Seriously

Wedding dresses that were once pristinely white can end up with stains at the end of the night from cake, wine, grass, dirt, mud, etc. Whatever may have caused these stains, our cleaning solvents work to remove even the smallest particle from damaging your wedding dress. Even the smallest collection of sugar that has not been thoroughly treated can turn brown over time. We recommend professional wedding dress preservation as the best way to ensure its value, for generations to come. Contact us today!