AlterationsAlterations for Any Piece of Clothing

The clothes in your wardrobe may consist of new clothes, vintage hand-me-downs, expensive formal wear, everyday work clothes and even a sentimental t-shirt that you just can’t let go of. Using these clothes over time will eventually affect its condition, resulting in some much needed alterations. At The Cleaners, we know clothes very well and our professionals in alterations will examine your items to make the necessary changes you need and hand them back to you fitting and looking better.

A Careful Eye on All Our Alterations in El Paso

Our alterations services in El Paso offer our clients a trusted place to come for adjustments made under
experienceAlterationsd and well-trained eyes. It takes a careful eye to make the best adjustments necessary for your clothing. Some of the many alteration services we provide include:

  • Jacket lining repair
  • Dress, skirt or jacket hem adjustments
  • Zipper repair or replacement
  • Dresses, skirts or pants taken in at the waist
  • Pants or sleeves shortened
  • Re-stitching a seam
  • Beading removal
  • AlterationsDarts removed or put in

Maintain the Quality of Your Wardrobe

Your clothes may experience all kinds of rips and tears, broken zippers or missing buttons. Perhaps you would just like to have the hem on your clothes professionally readjusted or maintain the quality of your wardrobe items so they will last you longer. Whatever the case may be- we can help! There is no need to give up on your clothes just yet. Allow us to have a look at what you would like adjusted and we can make the changes you require. Contact us today!